Harbor Haven is proud to announce the safe, healthy and successful completion of our 2020 camp season!

We are thrilled to have provided our campers with a spectacular summer of outdoor activities, friendship and skills building.

Early 2021 enrollment now open!

Projected 2021 dates: Monday, June 28 - Friday, August 13.

Call 908-964-5411 to speak to a director and learn more about what a summer at Harbor Haven can do for children with mild special needs.

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Here’s what parents said:

"We are even more appreciative than ever of the inordinate effort you put into every single facet of Harbor Haven!"

"Thank you for jumping through hoops to make in-person camp happen.  You are angels!"

"We are thrilled to now be part of the Harbor Haven family and can’t wait to be back next year.  Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this safe and fun for our son."

"This summer was amazing on so many levels!  Our son needed it more than ever. All of you provided a safe, happy environment for five weeks during these unprecedented times."

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Welcome to Harbor Haven!

Harbor Haven offers comprehensive summer programming for children with mild special needs.

Harbor Haven is a unique summer camp program which provides children with a social and educational experience that bridges the gap between school years. In a nurturing, camp-like environment, children engage in a variety of traditional summer activities combined with strong support for the academic, therapeutic, and social needs described in their IEP.

Harbor Haven's Reverse Inclusion experience  invites non-IEP peers into our camper groups. 

This innovative and effective program provides the perfect opportunity for our special needs children to experience friendship, activities, and interaction with amazing similar aged role models who have been carefully chosen to enhance their summer learning.  Your special needs child will derive all of the benefits and none of the difficulties that can occur in other inclusive settings that are not designed especially for them.  Acclaimed since the summer of 2013, Harbor Haven takes great pride in this one-of-a-kind inclusion program.  Click here for more information.

Where Children Can Learn, Grow and Have Fun

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing our Harbor Haven children with a safe, happy, healthy, fun-filled summer where growth and improvement of important skills takes place. 

Through a variety of nurturing programs, in a relaxed and supportive environment, we build “success” into the everyday experience, thereby increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Our focus on language, motor, attention, cognitive, social and behavior skills is infused in all of our many activities.  We believe that the capacity to socialize with other children is fundamental for healthy growth and development. Our program, imbedded with intensive social skills also includes an instructional social skills program which prepares children to be successful in the world around them.

Ease your child's transition back to school in the fall, and help prevent academic and skill regression by giving your child the Harbor Haven summer experience!


What better way to give children the opportunity to use and build their skills in all areas than a “summer camp” atmosphere, rich with natural and facilitated intervention and reinforcement?  Children who attend not only LOVE the magical feeling of belonging to a group, having real friendships, and being the “mainstream” but they feel relaxed, accepted, and embraced by a dedicated team of professionals.  This anxiety-free climate leads to improved learning in all aspects of their development prompting parents and educators to observe noticeable differences. It is no wonder that parents want their children to return summer after summer for more doses of a fun learning experience.   


215 Days to Camp opening