Working at Harbor Haven

Groups never start out as a team.  Usually, they simply begin as a set of individuals milling around, trying to sniff one another out.  You can’t rush the process of team development.  Yet, members of effective teams feel a particularly strong sense of belonging, importance, and empowerment. Your team will consist of everyone at Harbor Haven.  It is not always easy working with other people, especially people that you don’t know.  But we all find a way to learn from each other, accomplish our goals, and offer the best summer any one of our campers could ask for.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work at Harbor Haven again this summer. I am honored to be a part of the mission of your camp and to have a chance to help our campers believe in themselves. I hope I have the privilege of working with you again in the future!“

Working at Harbor Haven is a truly enriching and empowering employment opportunity. We look forward to another amazing summer!

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Job Descriptions


Responsibilities include leading groups of campers, participating in all group activities throughout the day, supporting individual camper needs, being a role model, and helping to foster friendships between campers. General counselors oversee a group of about 10 campers, support specialists during activities, and work closely with their supervisor.  One-to-one counselors support a specific camper in the activities of the day, making friends, and with self regulation (focus, energy, etc.).  


Teachers, coaches and experienced camping professionals who are responsible for designing and implementing selected activities or projects. As an instructor you will lead groups of campers and counselors in an area of specialty throughout the day. Some areas are: athletics/tennis, bikes, performing arts, nature, science, karate, yoga, etc. 

Social Skills Specialists:

Social Skills specialists must be social workers, psychologists or mental health counselors. The social skill specialists create engaging activities and lessons that address the social and emotional goals of the campers and their groups. Social skills specialists work closely with directors and supervisors to meet the needs of each camper. These specialists may assist or push in to other activities to support a group of campers working on a specific skill. 

Pool Head & Life Guards:

The Pool Head will be in charge of the daily duties of the pool as well as creating and instructing swim lessons and overseeing lifeguards. The Pool Head must be 21+ years old and have prior lifeguarding experience. Lifeguards implement age-appropriate swimming lessons for our camp groups and guard and support campers during the recreational swim portion of each period. Lifeguards must have proper certification. Minimum requirement: current sophomore in high school. Previous lifeguarding experience and 18+ years old preferred.


Supervisors are teachers or college graduates going into the field of education, who have had experience with children with disabilities. The supervisor oversees an age division consisting of many campers, counselors, and groups.  Supervisors speak to parents and work closely with counselors, specialists, therapists, and directors to make sure all their campers’ are supported appropriately. Supervisors also provide training and support to counselors. The supervisor has some extra pre-camp training and makes pre-camp phone calls to parents.


Maintenance staff should take pride in the appearance, overall cleanliness and good repair of the camp facilities. Maintenance staff responsibilities include but are not limited to the general upkeep of the camp facilities, keeping hydration stations full, set-up/clean-up of the lunch area, and making sure all camp areas are properly sanitized after use. Maintenance staff must be 18+ years old.