What's NEW for 2020


There’s gold in this here camp!

All ages love to dig and find treasures.  At Harbor Haven our new “sand mine” will contain different treasures to dig and find each week - from dinosaur eggs, to gold, to gems.  Dig, find, and clean using a sieve and water system. Mosey on up to the mining store with your treasures and rack up some points!



Who doesn’t like RECESS? 

Well, it can be hard for “our kids” to get into the game. When children move and play their brains work better and it’s very important for social reasons too. That’s why we’re adding one period per week of RECESS. Hopscotch, kickball, tetherball, corn hole, outdoor oversized jacks (and other oversized board games) and so much more - free play with peers can be very successful when supervised and coached by our trained staff.

“The importance of playful learning for children cannot be overemphasized.”  The American Academy of Pediatrics, 2018 study