Special Services

The core program at Harbor Haven includes a daily academic period which reinforces math, reading and language arts concepts at each child’s level. 

Information gathered from the IEP as well as a questionnaire completed by the child’s school year teacher help our certified special education teacher determine the academic tasks for each child.  In addition to this period, there is also a twice weekly computer period, where educational software, also at each child’s level, is used to reinforce cognitive concepts as well.  During this time, children are assisted in planning their work period, and mastering executive functions.  Some of the work is done independently which aligns directly to goals to increase the time they are able to work alone and in general, to increase their time on task.  Being part of a group, and learning to exist cooperatively within that group is also a goal we have because some of the academic period is devoted to small group or full group work.   (A group consists of about 8-10 children, with 3-4 adults.)

Children participate four times per week in social skills groups that have both instruction and practice. 

Our trained facilitator (a school psychologist or social worker) gives youngsters the opportunity to “practice” skills associated with positive peer interactions, expressing oneself appropriately, compromising in friendship building, respecting others, dealing with disappointment, and much more.  Goals for these social skills training sessions are determined based on information gathered about the children from their IEP’s and a social skills survey completed by parents and/or professionals who work with the child during the school year. Additionally children attend two other periods per week with the school psychologist or social worker, that provide opportunity for the children to practice the learned social skills.  An added benefit to building and promoting social skills at Harbor Haven is that the group counselors attend the social skills sessions and can reinforce the learning throughout the day at each and every activity including lunch time. 

Individual occupational and speech therapy is available for any age child. All children ages 3-9 have built in speech and occupational therapy group sessions in their schedules. 

During the speech periods pragmatics, social language and expressive language concepts are stressed.  In the occupational therapy sessions sensory motor integration, motor planning and fine/gross motor development strengthening are the goals.