When we serve a child, we serve the entire family!

At Harbor Haven our mission is to provide a summer experience that is successful and game-changing!  By attending to every aspect of the child we ensure happier, calmer and more regulated sons and daughters.  Families can relax and enjoy the summer more when their child with special needs comes home from a day at camp feeling joyful, confident and ready to go back again day after day.   One parent commented that having his son at Harbor Haven was like a summer vacation for the whole family!

Here’s how we do it:

*With a fun-filled, rich schedule loaded with preferred activities that delight each child and help him/her to grow and improve in countless ways

*With centralized pickup locations for transportation in many areas, driven by a certified NJ school bus driver AND a Harbor Haven trained counselor on board

*With academic reinforcement mapped to the IEP goals and objectives

*With social skills groups that are naturally derived, not office-contrived

*With peer interaction facilitated “in the moment” every minute of every day

*With science, art, physical education and music activities that are age and ability appropriate

*With speech and occupational therapy options that use the Harbor Haven environment to work on needed skills

*With superior staff and a high staff to child ratio