Lower Camp, Middle Camp, Upper Camp (6-15)

Lower Camp

What a great schedule Lower Camp has! They get to experience everything camp has to offer including swim time, creative arts, sports of all sorts, karate, gymnastics, music, drama, pioneering, bicycle riding/instruction, food fun, computers, photography/media, tennis instruction, inflatables, special events, playground, Junior Clubhouse (the most amazing indoor playroom ever!) social skills group and facilitation, learning center, speech and OT group and entertainment!


Middle Camp

Special features of Middle Camp programming are Workshops and Hobbies. Workshops are special activities that are brought in to develop the skills and interests of our Middle Campers, such as:  Bricks 4 Kidz, Drumming, Circus Fun, and Mask Making. The workshops vary from year to year. In addition, Hobbies features a round of special fun which reflects appropriate age trending hobbies and interests. Middle Campers have swim time, creative arts, athletics, karate, yoga, tennis, music, drama, pioneering, bicycle riding/instruction, food fun, computers, photography/media, inflatables, special events, social skills group, Fun Zone, Challenge Sector, learning center and speech and OT group.

Upper Camp

The excitement never stops for Upper Campers at Harbor Haven!  There is certainly no shortage of activities for Upper Campers - swim, creative arts, athletics, tennis, Gaga, 9 Square in the Air, karate, yoga, performing arts, inflatables, special events, food fun, pioneering, bicycle riding, computers/media, social skills groups, Challenge Sector and Fun Zone. 

Safe and appropriate trips resume in 2021! All trip locations are thoroughly vetted by Harbor Haven for health and safety protocols. Trips are planned at outdoor locations. If there is inclement weather on a trip day, alternative exciting activities are planned at camp.

*All trips and entertainment are subject to cancellation based on CDC and/or NJ Health Department guidelines, community health data and other health and safety factors.