Juniors, Intermediates, Seniors, Tweens (6-13)

JUNIORS (ages 6 and 7)

Juniors are great!  Juniors are fine!  Juniors have got that awesome design!

What a great schedule the Junior Division has! They get to experience everything camp has to offer, including daily swim time, creative arts, sports of all sorts, karate, gymnastics, music, drama, pioneering, bicycle riding/instruction, food fun, computers, photography/media, tennis instruction, inflatables, special events, playground, Junior Clubhouse (the most amazing indoor playroom ever!) social skills group and facilitation, academic reinforcement time, speech and OT group, entertainment and a trip!

INTERMEDIATES (ages 8 and 9)

Intermediates are better known around camp as the Inters! Go Inters!

Special features of the Intermediate Division programming are Outings, Workshops and Hobbies. Outings are three special trips that happen during the summer.  Examples are bowling, Turtle Back Zoo, and the Funplex but can vary from year to year. Workshops are special activities that are brought in to develop the skills and interests of our eight and nine year old youngsters, such as:  Bricks 4 Kidz, Drumming, Circus Fun, and Mask Making. The workshops vary from year to year. In addition, Intermediate Hobbies features a round of special fun which reflects appropriate age trending hobbies and interests. Intermediates have a daily swim time, creative arts, athletics, karate, yoga, tennis, music, drama, pioneering, bicycle riding/instruction, food fun, computers, photography/media, inflatables, special events, social skills group, Fun Zone, Challenge Sector, academic reinforcement time and speech and OT group.

SENIORS (ages 10 and 11)

No need to revitalize these “Seniors” - they come with energy unleashed!  Yeah Seniors!

With a trip every week, the excitement never stops for Seniors at camp!  Trips they go on include Indoor Rock Climbing, movies, Funplex, Bowling and more. And there is certainly no shortage of activities for Seniors at camp either - daily swim, creative arts, athletics, tennis, Gaga, Polypong, 9 Square in the Air, karate, yoga, performing arts, inflatables, special events, food fun, pioneering, bicycle riding, computers/media, social skills groups, Challenge Sector, Fun Zone, academic reinforcement time and the all important Senior Choice time, where the campers get to chose an activity. 

TWEENS (ages 12 and 13)

Tweens - almost teens with a ‘W’ for Wonderful!

Our campers can’t wait to become Tweens because they know all about the “extra doses” of fun that are in store for them.  Tweens have TWO trips every week (with one or two exceptions). Past trips have included:  Glasswork studio, Bowcraft, Rock Climbing, Monster Mini Golf and Arcade, Bowling, Movies, Liberty Science Center, Rock Climbing, Powerhouse Studios, and more! And that is only the beginning - at camp the Tween Division has swim four times/week, bicycle riding, performing arts, media/computers, athletics and fitness, tennis, food fun, yoga, social skills groups, Challenge Sector, Fun Zone, karate, academic reinforcement, special events, inflatables, Gaga, Polypong, 9 Square in the Air, and the all important Tween Options time.