While our camp’s on-site programs offer plenty of variety and fun, we know how much our campers love going on off-site trips! 

Our younger divisions, Bright Beginnings (ages 3-5) and Juniors (ages 6-7), go on one trip each summer. In addition, we bring in some very special entertainers for them throughout the seven weeks.  We have had puppet shows, musicians, plays, and other very exciting performances

Our Intermediate Division (ages 8-9) leave camp three times - we call that “Intermediate Outings.”  These trips can change each summer.  Our campers have enjoyed outings like bowling, The Funplex, movies, a glassworks studio and more.  Everything is more fun when shared with great friends and counselors!

Seniors (ages 10-11) have a weekly scheduled trip out of camp!  Seven exciting trips - one for each of the seven amazing weeks!  Awesome! 

Our 12-13 year old division, the Tweens, have one scheduled trip every week.  It’s hard not to have the most exciting experience while enjoying all the fun at camp and trips out of camp as well. 

Teens, ages 14-15, go out of camp on two scheduled trips each week.

Teens, ages 16 -18 - Click here for LIFE Program Trips. Click here for TRAVELQUEST Program Trips.