Say cheese!

All ages from 6 and up attend a weekly “Photo” period

Exciting and fun age appropriate activities are planned to give our campers experiences that have them working with different types of cameras and lenses, angles, color as well as black and white, portraits versus action shots, and more artistic ways to capture moments at camp.  The skills learned will assist our campers in memorializing special times in their own lives with family and friends. 

The photo projects utilize up-to-date technology to add that creative touch to traditional picture taking.  Our photography specialist also designs certain periods around themes, such as:  living things, friendship, sports, inanimate objects and more. 

Campers in Seniors, Tweens and Teens (ages 10-15) additionally have elective periods during the week, where they have an opportunity to select photography again to learn even more photo taking techniques and to create different and dynamic picture projects. 

Our budding young Ansell Adams and Annie Liebowitzes really enjoy their time in photography and love to bring home their photos in whatever form---individually framed photos, disks, or summer albums!