Performing Arts

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our performing arts periods feature music, drama and dance - a weekly period of each for our camper groups ages 3-11! 

Our older campers, ages 12-18, have an opportunity to select these choices during their elective times.  These exciting periods are built around age appropriate, engaging, interactive activities which highlight imagination, creativity, and unbelievable fun! 

Many types of dance are explored with costumes pieces and props to make it one of the favorites of all ages! 

In drama our highly experienced and trained specialist uses a dramatic “tool box” to give our campers role playing scenarios which are fun to act out but also emphasize “tools” that we need for a lifetime full of successful social interactions. 

Music at camp is the MOST FUN EVER!  The gazebo at Harbor Haven is rockin’, rappin’ and swingin’ with music of many genres, all designed to capture the camp spirit and sing out loud with our friends! 

One of our most special days at camp is the Harbor Haven Camper Showcase special event.  EVERYONE PARTICIPATES!  All groups perform around the theme for each summer’ show - examples are:  Music through the Decades, Broadway Revue, Rock of Ages, Movie Music and more! 

In addition to the group performances, our audience (staff and campers) gets to watch individuals who want to showcase their personal talents! Harbor Haven is full of many kinds of talents - joke telling, juggling, singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, and magic tricks - to name a few!