Put on your apron and chef’s hat!  It’s time for cooking at Harbor Haven!    

Every group in camp has an opportunity to “cook” at least once a week.  Our recipes are varied and fit every age group’s ability level to follow a recipe and mix, blend, cut or chop to achieve the ultimate desired result---something delicious to eat!

Monkey Bread anyone?   Of course there are the traditional favorites---who could resist the sweet, aromatic cinnamon smell and taste of the HH monkey bread recipe!  Along with other repeatable favorites, such as salsa, our cooking specialist has the children trying new, great recipes each summer.  And sometimes our campers step out of their taste and texture comfort zone to eat something brand new and increase their foodie repertoire. 

Seniors, Tweens and Teens have a chance to choose cooking again during their option times each week.  With a longer period of time to spend in the kitchen at options, recipes are different than the weekly group time with a little more intricacy involved. 

LIFE   Program participants focus on cooking for independence learning how to prepare a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In addition they have fun with planning a Super Bowl party, desserts while learning about measurement, safety and techniques in the kitchen. 

Food Allergies and special diets are no problem for us!  We can adapt any recipe to work for campers with dietary restrictions!  Our cooking specialist is always in touch with parents who are concerned about these issues.