Harbor Haven can provide centralized pickup and drop-off transportation for campers in most cases.  We lease DOT/school-approved buses and minivans with certified NJ school bus drivers and counselors on board. Harbor Haven follows protocol as outlined by the CDC, ACA, and New Jersey Department of Health regarding the health and safety of campers and staff on buses. 

Harbor Haven pick-up begins at approximately 8:00 am.  The day begins at 9:00 am.  The vehicles are either mini-vans or small yellow buses driven by school bus drivers licensed by NJ Division of Transportation with a Harbor Haven counselor on board.  All vehicles are air-conditioned and have seat belts.

Vans/buses will leave in the afternoon at about 3:30  pm and usually will have your child home no later than 4:40 pm.  On routes where there is a central drop-off and pick–up stop, a parent or other adult designated by the parent (with signed permission) must remain with the child until the vehicle arrives in the morning.  Please be on time. 

We will never drop your child off without a parent or other designated adult there in the afternoon. If your child is being dropped off at home, is over 13 years old and you have sent a signed letter giving your permission for us to do so, we may drop your child off without an adult at home.  In this case, the bus counselor will walk the child to the door, watch him/her go in, making sure that he/she locks the door.

Details about your child’s route, pick-up and drop-off time, and safety rules will follow in a separate mailing. Any toys/games your child brings on the van will remain in a safe place during the day.


Parent Transportation

If you are transporting your child by car, the drop-off time is between 8:50 (Not earlier - no staff will be available) and 9:10 am.  Kindly follow our staff’s directions when arriving.  There is no need to park or get out of your car as we have staff available to open your car door and assist your child in safely getting to his/her group.

Parent pick-up for children is between 3:40 and 3:50 pm. (Not later)  If you arrive early, you will have to wait until the Harbor Haven vans pull out of the parking lot.  If you are running late, please notify the office at 908-255-1052

For Bright Beginnings mini-day children being picked up at 1:30, follow staff instructions when pulling into the parking lot. Pull up to the front of the school building.  There is no need to park and get out of your car.

Please do not get out of line until you have reached the drop-off point, even if your child has been taken out of your car.  Wait for staff to instruct you to exit.  Following this rule is vitally important to the safety of our children!


If your child is being transported by his/her school district, they will contact you with pick-up and drop-off details. When they arrive at Harbor Haven, they will follow the same drop-off procedures as stated above.

At dismissal time, school district children will be loaded from the front of the school building by our staff. The school district vehicles will exit about 5 minutes before the Harbor Haven Vehicles. Please make sure you have contact information for the school district transportation people. We would appreciate it if you would also provide us with a contact name and number.

Late Arrival and Early Departure

If, for any reason, you bring your child in after 9:30 am, please park your car and bring your child to the office.  If your child must leave early on a given day, please let the office know in writing.  Please arrive no later than 2:45 pm, park your car and walk to the office to wait for your child. If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is picking up your child you must notify us in writing beforehand and give the person and us a code word. We will also ask the person for a photo ID.

Please enter and exit the parking lot with caution!

Do not make a left turn from Harbor Haven onto Pleasant Valley Way. It is dangerous and illegal. If you need to go to the left, first go right then make your first left onto Tenney Rd. and then another left onto  Underwood Road. That brings you back to Pleasant Valley Way, where you can then make a right and be going in the direction you need to.


If your child takes Harbor Haven transportation and will be absent, you may contact the van driver or van counselors (you will be given their telephone numbers) but also call the office at 908-255-1052 as early as possible.  If you transport your child, please report any absence to the office.  Thank you.

Car Seats/Boosters

If the law requires your child to travel in a booster or car seat and Harbor Haven is transporting your child in a mini-van, you will need to provide a safety seat for Monday through Friday.  Please call the office if you have any questions regarding this issue.  Thank you.  If your child is being transported in a yellow school bus, a car seat/booster is not required.  We will inform you of the type of vehicle by early June.