Forms for Enrolled Families

2022 forms will be available in early April 2022

We are committed to providing an optimum summer experience for your child.  Because we want him/her to benefit to the maximum degree possible from his/her time at Harbor Haven we like to have important information for each enrolled child. We also want to provide you with some information to keep on hand as a reference before and during the summer. 

Required forms for ALL campers:

  1. Physician's Examination Form - print, complete and email to

  2. Medical Form (Parent Portion)

  3. Camper Photo (typically submitted with enrollment form) 

  4. Lunch/Snack Permission and Friday Lunch Selections

  5. Your child's IEP or 504 for the current school year (2021-2022) is required for all campers. From those documents we utilize math, reading/language arts goals for a daily academic period, social-emotional goals for the social skills groups/facilitation, and (where applicable) speech and occupational therapy goals for individual and/or group therapy sessions.  In addition, behavior management information can be helpful. You may scan, fax or mail a copy of your child’s IEP/504. 

    • If the IEP or 504 does not include academic goals, please submit the Educational Questionnaire for ages 3-5 or Educational Questionnaire for ages 6-15

    • If the IEP or 504 does not include Social Skills goals, please submit the Social Skills Form (completed by parent) OR Parent Consent for Therapist to Provide Information (once consent is granted, the parent will receive an email that can be forwarded to a therapist to complete form)

    • If the IEP or 504 does not include OT goals, please submit the OT Form for all campers ages 3-9 and any camper receiving individual OT at camp

    • If the IEP or 504 does not include Speech Therapy goals, please submit the Speech Therapy form for all campers ages 3-9 and any camper receiving individual Speech at camp

The forms below need to be completed and returned where applicable:

     1. Daily Medication Administration Form - this is included in the Physician's Examination Form but additional copies can be found here

     2. Immunization Form - this information is requested in the Physician's Exam and Medical Form (Parent Portion) but an additional copy can be found here if needed

     3. Seizure Action Plan (action plan from school is acceptable as long as it is current) - print, complete and email to

     4. EpiPen Authorization and Release Form - print, complete and email to

     5. Paid Lunch Option Order Form - complete this form if you would like to order lunch for your child Monday-Thursday (order as many or as few days as you like)

     6. Harbor Haven Birthday Form

     7. Tennis Permission Form (for campers 10-18 years old)

Additional information for parents to review: