How do I know if Harbor Haven is the right summer program for my child?

First, spend some time talking to the director about your child’s issues and the expectations you have for a summer program. During this discussion, you will learn about the children who do attend Harbor Haven and you will compare your child’s school placement to the program. Next, you will set up a time for the director to meet your child. IEP’s and supportive reports about your child may be reviewed by the director to determine if the placement is a good match. If you are considering us for a future summer, you should try to visit Harbor Haven while it is in session. At Harbor Haven, we want the fit to be right for each child.

Will the director give an honest assessment of whether she feels Harbor Haven is right for my child?

Absolutely. We want parents and children to be happy.  Harbor Haven works well for children who are on the mild to moderate end of the special education spectrum. Most of the children attending our program have been diagnosed with attention deficit issues, Asperger’s, mild PDD or have learning, speech or social delays.

I’ve heard that Harbor Haven now has a “reverse inclusion” model. What does this mean and how does it benefit my child?

Many children have not met with success in “typical programs” for a variety of reasons. A child’s summer program should be stress-free, successful, and fun but should also build skills and prevent regression. Your child should be able to develop friendships there. Harbor Haven offers much of the same programming as typical summer programs, while providing so much more. We add academic reinforcement, social skills training and facilitation, language and communication groups as well as sensory motor groups.  Individual speech and occupational therapies are available. Our skilled staff members are both nurturing and structured.

In the summer of 2013 Harbor Haven launched what is now a highly acclaimed and successful reverse inclusion program.  By allowing the typical siblings or cousins of our HH special needs campers attend at no cost for up to two weeks and placing them in groups that are age appropriate for them, we created a win-win situation.  These attendees had a great time while making HH more cost effective for the family AND MOST IMPORTANTLY became peers, friends and role models for our children with special needs.  This program has expanded and is now providing even more opportunities for typical peers to attend.  

How many children are in a group?

In our pre-school division called, Bright Beginnings, there are 7 or 8 children per group. The staff to child ratio is 1:2. For children ages 6 and up there are 8 or 10 children per group, with a 1:3 staff to child ratio. Children with issues generally do better in smaller groups with more staff to attend to their needs.

Are there any scholarships available?

Call the Harbor Haven office at 908-964-5411 to see if scholarships are available for the current camp year. Additionally, check with your school district to see if any funding is available for a summer program. You can also see if any local agencies have funds for summer programming for special needs children. Some local agencies to check are: Lion’s Club, Kiwanis Club, Knights of Pythias, and Shriner’s. Agencies such as Catholic Charities and family help based organizations may also have funds available.

How are the groups determined?

Groups are determined by the director after meeting and/or observing your child. Your child will be grouped with other children within a one to two year age span, and with similar issues. In most cases, groups are all boys or all girls, in keeping with the traditional summer program model.

Does insurance cover Harbor Haven?

Some of the therapeutic portions of the Harbor Haven program may be covered by insurance.  Check with your individual provider.  For those portions we can provide a codified bill, once your balance is paid.