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Winter Office

470 Prospect Avenue
Suite 203B
West Orange, NJ 07052
Phone: (908)964-5411 Fax: (908)964-0511
E-Mail Address:


Whether you are traveling north or south on the GSP exit at #145 and merge onto 280 West.  Proceed on 280 West to exit 8A-Prospect Ave.(CR 577) towards West Orange. There is no actual exit marker at 8A. You first pass exit  8B-so be aware that 8A is the exit immediately following it.

*Look for a yellow colored office building marked #470, on your left, (Across from the Essex Green Shopping Center).  Parking and entrance are in the rear of the building.  Enter through either glass door (even though  other business names are written on them) and walk to the elevator.   Proceed to the second floor.  Turn right to suite 203.  Enter through  the door marked 203 B.

Via 280 East/West:

Proceed on 280 whether going East or West to exit 8A-Prospect Ave. (CR 577.) Go to asterisk* above for the rest of the instructions. 

Via Route 10 East:

Proceed on Route 10 East (Mt. Pleasant Ave.) from your starting point until you get into West Orange.  Continue on Rt. 10 East until you reach Prospect Ave.  Make a left onto Prospect Ave.  Go to asterisk* above for the  rest of the instructions, except building is on your right.

Via 78

Whether taking 78 East or West proceed to the Garden State Parkway going  North.  Then follow Garden State Parkway directions above.

Via Route 24 going East

Proceed on Route 24 East from your starting point until you get to exit 7 for  the Short Hills Mall/Livingston/JFK Parkway.  Follow signs for the  mall/Livingston/JFK Parkway.  Proceed on the JFK Parkway which becomes  S. Livingston Ave.  Make a right onto Northfield Ave.  (Sam’s Men’s  Store is on the corner.)  Travel on Northfield Ave. for about 3.5 miles  until you get to Prospect Ave.  Make a left onto Prospect Ave. Drive 1.2 miles, Go to the asterisk* above and follow instructions, except that  building is on your right. 

Via 287 North or South

Whether traveling on 287 North or South take the exit for Rt. 80 East. Then  merge onto Rt. 280 East.  Follow the 280 East/West directions above.

Our Summer Location

Harbor Haven at the Golda Och Academy
1418 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052
Phone:  (908)964-5411 Fax: (908)964-0511
E-Mail Address:


Whether you are coming south or north, get off the GSP at exit 145. After  exiting, get onto Route 280 West. Get off at exit 7. At the end of the  exit ramp, make a left onto Pleasant Valley Way. Proceed just over 2  miles. Turn left into the school opposite Underwood Avenue.


See the above directions, beginning with the second sentence.


Proceed on Route 10 East to Livingston Circle. At Livingston Circle take the  2nd exit onto  Northfield Road. Follow Northfield Road, which changes to Northfield Avenue, for about 5 miles. At the lights for Pleasant Valley Way, turn left.  The Golda Och Academy is a few hundred yards on your right on your right.

From 78 and 24

Take 78 to the Garden State Parkway North. Exit the Parkway at junction 145 for Route 280 West. Follow instructions above.


Proceed to exit marked for route 80 East. Get onto 80 East. Watch very  carefully for signs for 280 East. (You will bear right from the local  lanes or left from the Express lanes for this.) Get onto 280 East. Get  off at exit 7. (Follow directions for 280 East above.)


Proceed to exit marked Route 10. Take route 10 East. (Follow directions for route 10 East above)