Population we serve

Harbor Haven is a seven week social skills summer program. It is designed for children ages 3-15 with mild special needs such as: AD(H)D, language delays, sensory motor issues, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other learning challenges.  (For more information about the LIFE program for 16-18 year olds, click here; TravelQuest click here) The program is a comprehensive blend of academic reinforcement, speech and occupational therapies, social skills training and structured summer activities facilitated by skilled adults.  Our approach is very effective for higher functioning children diagnosed on the autism spectrum as well as children with other learning, social, sensory-motor, and attention deficit challenges.  Harbor Haven provides a great summer alternative to a school based program.  Children with physically aggressive or explosive behavior patterns would benefit from a program with a different type of intervention than Harbor Haven.  

An informal intake or observation and a review of supportive information is required. Determining whether Harbor Haven is the right fit for a child can be accomplished in several different ways.  The director can do an observation in the child’s school setting with the parent's and the school’s permission.  An observation can also be done in another type of structured setting such as an after school activity or social skills group.  The director can schedule a home visit.  Parents are also able to bring their child to the year round Harbor Haven office at a time that is convenient for them.  Parent's and children can also attend one of our open house dates where children will have the opportunity to interact with the staff while engaging in structured activities.