Each age division from Juniors to Teens at Harbor Haven has its own supervisor.  Age divisions are as follows: 

  • Juniors (ages 6 -7);
  • Intermediates (ages 8-9);
  • Seniors (ages 10-11);
  • Tweens (ages 12-13);
  • Teens (ages 14-15.) 

Supervisors hold degrees in special education or a related field and have had experience in both educational and recreational settings working with children who have special needs.  They are professional and highly trained.  

Each Bright Beginnings group (ages 3, 4 and 5) has its own Head Counselor-a certified special education teacher who performs all of the functions of a supervisor but also teaches and spends every moment with the children in her group.

Your child’s supervisor will call you prior to camp starting to review all of the important information about your child.  Together, you will set goals for your child based on his/her needs for the summer.  The supervisor works closely with the group counselors, the specialists, the academic teacher, the social skills facilitator, the nurse and the therapists to ensure that the goals are met and that your son or daughter progresses during the summer.

Throughout the summer your child’s supervisor will call to update you about your child’s experience and progress at Harbor Haven.  Please feel free to contact him/her at the camp number with any questions or concerns throughout the weeks your child attends. 

The LIFE Program and TravelQuest (ages 16 - 18) are also led by a Head Counselor-an experienced, certified special education teacher who maintains contact with you before and during the program.  He/she has helped to develop curriculum and lessons, teaches some of the instructional areas and is responsible for the staff members who make up the LIFE Program team of professionals.  In addition, this professional has reviewed your son/daughter’s IEP and understands the issues that are of the utmost importance to address during the summer.