Our Staff

Great staff makes a great experience for your child! 

At Harbor Haven, children have a chance to learn and grow in a uniquely nurturing, fun and professional setting.  It is very inspiring that so many of our staff members return summer after summer!

We take great pride in the supervisors and program specialists we hire for Harbor Haven.   They have degrees in special education or related fields. Each comes from a background of varied experiences working with children who have special needs and has shown his/her capability to facilitate growth in our children. 

Many group counselors are young professionals who work with a special needs population during the school year. Other counselors are mature undergraduate and graduate college students, carefully and selectively chosen for their ability to work and engage with children. Our comprehensive training and orientation program prior to Harbor Haven opening ensures that your child is in skilled, kind, compassionate and caring hands for what will likely be a game-changing summer!

We offer a high staff to child ratio with youngsters being placed appropriately in small groups based on age and level of development. 

All of our staff members undergo a thorough background check as specified by the State of New Jersey summer camp policies and the American Camp Association standards and codes.  Throughout the day each group adheres to a schedule and routine to which the children become accustomed.  Our staff takes measures to promote positive behavior during transition times.  Lunch even becomes a learning experience, as counselors eat with the children, facilitating appropriate conversation and interaction with peers. Our staff consistently helps children to process, understand and maneuver the social world, something with which many of our children need assistance.  They lend support in all situations, reminding and prompting children to use positive methods for making friends, getting attention, avoiding impulses that lead to conflict, and in general, to be able to have fun and exist peacefully and successfully in an environment designed for growth.