Child Growth & Development

The growth and development that takes place through the summer camp experience is indispensible. Harbor Haven utilizes the academic, therapeutic and social goals in each camper's IEP to foster an environment that allows for personal goals to be reached. The camp environment is rich in social-emotional learning, encourages physical exercise, and provides children a signifcant break from screens and technology. 

I was...always playing by myself
I am now...learning how to take turns and share
I will be...the star of my play group!
> >
I was...unsure of how to make friends
I am now...talking to my fellow campers and having fun
I will be...making fun memories with all my new friends!
> >
I was...scared to join in during games
I am now...enjoying all the sports we practice and being part of a team
I will be...joining in all activities now and trying new things!
> >
I was...afraid of going into the water
I am now...jumping into the pool and getting my face wet
I will be...swimming like my friends in no time!
> >